It’s been almost a year since Microsoft discontinued Windows Sets, a feature that’d let you open multiple tabs on any Windows 10 app.

After almost a year of silence, Microsoft enthusiasts started to talk about Windows Sets again as famous Microsoft Insider Walking Cat said via Twitter that Microsoft may be testing Windows Sets in Windows 10 Build 21H1 Build 19481. Windows 10 users were quick to jump to the conclusion that Windows 10 Sets will be making a return in the Windows 10 21H1 Build.

Now, Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft took to Twitter to confirm that Microsoft isn’t testing Windows Sets in Windows 10 Build 19481.

Interestingly enough, Brandon LeBlanc rejected “Windows Sets in Windows 10 Build 19481” rumor, without declaring the Sets feature dead. It could mean that Microsoft is still very much interested in developing the feature. If you recall, Microsoft earlier said that the removal of Windows Sets is temporary and that the feature will be added as soon as it’s polished and ready.

As of now, it seems Microsoft is not ready to talk about Sets and, therefore, we don’t exactly know as to when the feature will be making a comeback.