Galaxy S9 and S9+ users will be surprised to hear that there will be no major Android version update this month, as initially promised by Samsung.

Towards the conclusion of last year, Samsung posted a schedule on its Members app, in which they listed January 2020 as the month which the update will take place.  As we’re approaching the end of the month, it looks like this date was unfeasible for Samsung.

Instead, the company has pushed back the date of the update to Android 10 to March 2020.  The updated schedule on the Samsung Members app confirms this:

It seems like Galaxy S9 and S9+ members aren’t the only ones to be disappointed- the Galaxy A50 update has also been delayed- by a month.

On the list, you can also see the introduction of the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, whose update is due on September 2020.

The reasons for the delays are uncertain, but it’s speculated that it’s due to unresolved problems in the internal tests with the software, which first need to be fixed.

Source: allaboutsamsung