Concept video imagines what revamped Windows 10 2021 will look like

by Surur
October 28, 2020

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We heard this morning that Microsoft was planning an overhaul of the Windows 10 UI called “Sun Valley”.

This update would make substantial changes to the Start menu, Action Center, and File Explorer, with new animations for fluid UX, new features, and more.

Rather opportunely, Windows fan theHacker34 also recently posted a concept video for what an improved Windows 10 would look like.

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TheHacker34, aka Kevin, also imagines an improved Start Menu, new Action Center with improved Audio Output selection, and brand new Theme Engine, all based on “Fluent Design 4.0”.

He also reimagined the Windows 10 File Explorer with Tabs, and the holy grail – a consistent design/animations for the whole OS.

Given that Microsoft is working on a new look, which will likely be heavily inspired by Windows 10X, much like Kevin’s design, what do our readers think of his concept? Let us know below.

Thanks, Tim or the tip.

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