Co0kie’s Home Tab Mod 1.6 Update



Cookie Home Tab is a becoming a very popular mod/application, and in a recent update, it brought some major improvement. From the last time we wrote about this mod, there have been many new changes. The are now even more tabs, than before. The mod is faster, smoother, and many bugs have been fixed.

Here is the change log:

Update 7-Mar-2010:

Version 1.6.1 released. Bug fixes, small additions and changes – see details here.

Posts about v1.6.1 start from number 2294 .

Update 4-Mar-2010:

Version 1.6 released. Uninstall the old version and soft reset before upgrading.

uninstalling, and restore it when you install the new version.

Posts about v1.6 start from number 1915. Change log:

-[new] 3×3 layout added and 5×5 repositioned slightly

-[new] reworked animations with 4 levels and an animation toolkit

-[new] dynamic notifications – autohide call history and quick links

-[new] up to 5 appointments in extended view, 2 in main view

-[new] enabled swiping between tabs from home

-[new] option to set the number of quick link pages

-[new] option to hide shortcut text and text background

-[new] option to hide page indicator

-[new] weather animation on/off switch

-[new] localization support

-[new] setting for date, clock and weather buttons

-[new] option to set a custom operator name

-[fixed] leftmost and rightmost column sensitivity on 4×4 layout

-[fixed] wrong date for multiday appointments

-[fixed] quick links bug on up key / volume key

-[fixed] appointments now always update on home tab load

-[fixed] added back htc start menu shortcuts

-[fixed] unfinished animation before switching to remove/rearrange view

-[fixed] re-enabled operator logo

-[fixed] a few bugs in VGA mode

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