Claim: Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 Mobile in beta testing (screen shot)

by Surur
November 12, 2016


Phil Spencer once said at the Microsoft’s January 2015 event that Windows 10 will make “new ways to extend gaming across devices.”

With the first release of Windows 10, Microsoft announced its Xbox app which would be bundled with the operating system. This addition allowed gamers to buy games for their devices, communicate and interact with their friends, and the most exciting aspect – the ability to stream their Xbox to their PC. This feature allowed users to continue their existing Xbox experience and game progress on any PC or tablet on the same local network, and with a pretty decent connection and a paired controller, your computer turned into a remote Xbox.

There have been rumors for a while that Windows 10 Mobile might be able to jump in on the Xbox action, and with the remote devices prompt that was included in an update to the Xbox app a while back, the excitement was real – only to be foiled by a DPI compilation bug that particular update had since the app was universal.

Now claimed Microsoft employee Nawzil, who is active on twitter, has posted the above picture, saying he is testing game streaming of Forza Horizon 3 from his Xbox One to his Lumia 950.

With recent changes Microsoft has added Xbox One Bluetooth controller support to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, meaning it should actually be possible to control the game pretty well from your phone.


If the app supports streaming to Continuum for Phones then it may in fact turn your windows phone into a pretty great Xbox One extender.

Given that Nawzil does not have the most reliable reputation we should take this one with a large measure of salt, but this is of course a long overdue feature which we hope Microsoft does finally deliver on.

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