Windows 10 Mobile may soon get Xbox One game streaming support


With Windows 10, Microsoft put a lot of focus on gaming. The company added a standalone Xbox app to the OS, which brought a lot of features, including Xbox One game streaming. Game Streaming basically allowed Xbox One owners to stream a game from their Xbox One to their Windows 10 PC. Pretty sweet, right?

Well, it seems like Microsoft could be bringing this to Windows 10 Mobile as well. As a┬áReddit user noticed, the Xbox Beta app now includes an option to play games from the console. However, as you may expect, the feature doesn’t work and throws an error. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Xbox One game streaming is definitely coming to Windows 10 Mobile as this could just be a bug and Microsoft forgot to remove the “play from console” option from the Xbox Beta app for Mobile devices.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft actually brings this feature to Windows 10 Mobile in the near-future — however, for now, it seems like this is probably just a bug. Nevertheless, if you own an Xbox One, would you like to have game streaming on your Windows 10 Mobile device? Let us know in the comment section below.

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