Chromebooks are getting bluetooth battery indicators for accessories


30, 2019

Chromebooks are getting a new feature down the pipeline as Google is working on adding Bluetooth battery indicators for accessories.

Bluetooth battery indicators are a feature that currently exist on Android and iOS. They are a way for users to know just how depleted the battery life on their Bluetooth accessory is or isn’t. If you’re using AirPods, Pixel Buds, Surface Headphones etc, you’ll love the utility of this nifty little feature.

It’s available via a feature flag in Chrome:

chrome://flags/#show-bluetooth-device-batteryShow Bluetooth device battery

Enables showing the battery level of connected and supported Bluetooth devices in the System Tray and Settings UI. – Chrome OS Show Bluetooth device battery

The feature currently on exists in Canary at the moment and isn’t exactly functional so it could be months before Google rolls this out to general users.

Source: Chrome Story

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