Chrome users can now control Cast sessions from Global Media Controls



Google Chrome is currently the most used internet browser because it’s a fast, reliable, and feature-rich internet browser. And Google is hard at work to make the experience even better by bringing more new features and performance improvements. The company is working on many new features for its browser, some of the exciting features being the ability to control Cast sessions and select audio devices to play the music through the Global Media Controls of the Chrome browser.

For those who don’t know, the Global Media Controls in Chrome browser allows you to control audio and video sources from a single widget — you can switch to the next song from your favorite web-based music streaming service, start and stop a YouTube video. And now, Global Media Controls is now even more useful as it now gives you more control.

If you want to get a taste of both the aforementioned features right now, you can do so by installing the Chrome 86 Canary on your desktop. The ability to select the audio output devices is available behind the“Global Media Controls Seamless Transfer” flag in Canary, while the ability to control a Cast session is available behind the “Global media controls control Cast start/stop” flag. In order for both the features to work, you’ll need to enable both the flags.

via Techdows

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