Google has added a useful new feature called TabGroup sharing to Chrome Canary for Android. With the Chrome Canary 81 installed on your Android smartphone, you’ll be able to use the new feature, which in simple words, lets you share grouped tabs.

This is very similar to ‘Set tabs feature’ in the Microsoft classic Edge excluding the fact that Edge doesn’t give you the option share grouped tabs.

Here is what the commit says about the TabGroup sharing feature:

This CL adds an item in TabGridDialog toolbar menu to expose tab group
sharing. The group is shared as plain text which is in the format of
a list of URLs of all tabs in the group.

To use the feature, you’ll have to have Chrome Canary 81 installed on your Android smartphone. The first thing that you’ll have to do is open a few tabs in Chrome Canary and then group them, then tap on the group tabs, hit the three-dot view and you’ll see an option called Share group. Tapping on it will let you copy the URLs in plain text; you’ll also be able to share them with anyone you want.

via Techdows