Chrome 79 Beta update brings Adaptive Icon Display for installed PWAs on Android, virtual reality to the web and more


1, 2019

Google currently dominates the browser market with over 60 percent usage share, not only that, but it’s also the preferred browser to almost every web developer on the planet, the reason being the fact that Google offers a ton of tools that makes the life of a web developer a lot easier. Google has added another set of new tools in the latest Chrome 79 Beta update.

Google has introduced improved VR experiences, Adaptive Icon Display for installed PWAs and other important features for web developers. The latest Chrome 79 Beta update will allow web developers to take advantage of the new WebXR Device API to create an immersive experience on the web for smartphones and head-mounted displays. Other Chromium-based browsers such as Edge, Firefox reality and Oculus Browser will also support these specs in the near future.

Another noteworthy feature is the ”Adaptive Icon Display for Installed PWAs on Android,” which was first introduced in the Android Oreo update. This feature in Chrom 79 Beta will now let Android automatically mask irregularly shaped PWA app icons to fit properly, thus making it easier for the icons of the PWAs to mimic the adaptability of those of the regular Play Store apps.

Source: Chrome; via: XDA

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