China’s Windows replacement looks just like Windows XP


25, 2015


The Chinese government has been planning to move from Windows to its own OS for a while now. China Standard Software recently built an OS, dubbed as NeoKylin to replace Windows in China. And unsurprisingly enough, it looks exactly like Windows XP. The folks over at Quartz got to play with the OS, and from what it looks like, the OS is basically Windows XP with a different name. Take a look:

YouTube player

As you can see on the above hands-on video, NeoKylin looks exactly like Windows XP, packs software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and it even includes a Recycle Bin. And for those wondering – yes, the developers at China Standard Software also ripped off Minesweeper.

Interestingly enough, Dell is already selling devices running NeoKylin in China. If you have used Windows XP, what do you think of NeoKylin?

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