It’s less than a week until the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus, so now’s the time to get those accessory orders in!

Mobilefun is offering over 200 cases and covers…  Which absolutely nobody has time to browse through.  So, we’ve taken the liberty to present our favourites.

Starting off with the cheapest, here’s the £4.99 Olixar FlexiShield Samsung Note 10 Plus Slim Gel Case – Solid Black:

Next is the stylish but protective £14.99 Olixar X-Ranger Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Survival Case – Black:

This case is…  Handy: Olixar ArmaRing Samsung Note 10 Plus Finger Loop Tough Case – Black, £16.99

This classy case hides a card compartment, so you no longer have to hold up the queue when tapping in on the tube: VRS Damda Glide Shield Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G Case – White Marble, £23.99.

Here’s the practical in pink (other colours also available), £24.99 Ghostek Exec 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G Wallet Case – Pink

This one isn’t a case, but an interesting finding from the website.  Speaking from personal experience, Faraday cages can save you from being carjacked by clever hackers: Olixar RFID Car Key Signal Blocking Pouch – Carbon Fibre £14.99.

You can find other cool novelty items on the site, as well as Note 10 Plus Smartwatches, fitness accessories, USB-C adapters, wireless earphones/headphones, speakers, car holders, Smart Sensors, Smart Lighting, and many more Official Accessories.