Call of Duty 3 is coming to the Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility


It seems like Activision is working hard on bringing almost the entire Call of Duty catalog to the Xbox One. Just last month Call of Duty 2 became available through the Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility program, and Call of Duty: Black Ops came a few months before that. Now Call of Duty 3’s joining the party, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy even more World War II action on your Xbox One.

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Call of Duty 3 originally released almost 10 years ago on November 10th, 2006. The game was one of the final Call of Duty games set during World War II, and puts the player into the shoes of a soldier during some of the most difficult battles of the war. It was generally well received by publications at the time, with much of the praise going towards its technical prowess.

You can buy Call of Duty 3 digitally from the Xbox Store here, and you can buy a (much cheaper) physical copy on Amazon here. The download should be around 5.8GB, so it shouldn’t be too heavy on your data plan. If you already owned the game digitally on the Xbox 360, you’ll find it in your Xbox One game library already. If you have a physical copy, simply put it into your Xbox One to play.

Are you excited to play Call of Duty 3 on your Xbox One? What other Call of Duty games would you like to see on Backwards Compatibility? Let us know in the comments below!

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