Bungie’s Lars Bakken says Destiny 2 won’t get specific Xbox One X upgrades, Noseworthy disagrees

It seems like Bungie has possibly been caught lying about Destiny 2 on Xbox One X. Recently, Design Lead Lars Bakken confirmed that Destiny 2 wouldn’t feature any enhancements specific to Xbox One X. They wanted the experience to be the same across platforms. It appears that the company is fine with handing Xbox One X owners the same version as the PlayStation 4 Pro. Why fix what’s not broken? At least that’s the impression Bakken gave during an in-depth interview.

Today however, Project Lead Mark Noseworthy said the opposite on Twitter. The statements given by Bakken and Noseworthy are the exact opposite and it’s unclear who’s telling the truth. How can you “optimize for each platform’s technology to deliver the best…experience” if you aren’t even planning any enhancements specific to Xbox One X? Are they planning enhancements for that 2 TFLOPS of additional power or are they not? This is a simple question Bungie is confused on.

There are rumors floating around saying that Sony paid for parity between Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro due to their odious marketing deals. While there isn’t any definitive proof of this, it seems more and more likely to the gaming community because of the mixed messages Bungie is sending to Xbox One owners. Why can’t they keep their stories straight? Why are people so close to the project saying contradictory statements? We may never know.