Users spot Microsoft’s ‘Secure Network’ feature in stable Edge version

February 21, 2023

Microsoft’s “Edge Secure Network” feature was spotted on the stable version of the company’s browser recently. The company still hasn’t confirmed this, but this might be a huge indication that the native VPN feature of Edge will arrive to the general public soon.

Microsoft first introduced the preview of the Secure Network in May last year to a small set of testers in the Canary channel of Edge. It basically works as a native VPN feature in the Edge. Unfortunately, the feature won’t offer flexibility in its functions as users won’t be able to pick a server from other regions or countries. Instead, it will just bring your traffic to the servers closest to you. This means it won’t be functional if you want to access services specifically unavailable to your country. 

“Secure Network helps you protect your information by masking your device’s IP address, encrypting your data, and routing it through a secure network (powered by Cloudflare) to a server that is geographically co-located so it’s harder for malicious actors to see your true location and what you’re doing,” Microsoft described the feature.

The feature will provide users with limited data to use once it goes live. Originally, Edge Insiders received 1GB of data, but the Redmond company soon increased it to 15GB as part of the test. In a tweet shared by a Twitter user, nonetheless, the Secure Network can be seen offering a 15GB data amount in the latest version 110 of Edge.

The German website Dr. Windows, nonetheless, stressed that the 15GB data might be temporary and should revert back to 1GB once Microsoft officially introduces this to the public. Apparently, the 1GB data, regardless of being free, is incredibly limited. Microsoft is expected to address this by offering plans allowing users to purchase more data for the VPN service. However, given its lack of capability to manually pick servers from other countries, it would probably be a challenge for Microsoft to lure current users of flexible commercial VPN services into switching to Edge Secure Network.

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