Blu confirms 1 GB Blu Win HD and Blu Win Jnr LTE to get Windows 10 Mobile update


We posted yesterday on new rumours that Microsoft was working on an update to some Blu Win handsets after leaving the devices off their official upgrade list.

Then  well-connected German site reported from their sources that Microsoft is indeed working on an official upgrade Blu Win HD LTE as well as the European version of the Blu Win JR LTE and the TrekStor WinPhone 4.7 HD, both of which have 1 GB of RAM, vs 512 MB in USA.

Now in an email the company has confirmed which handsets will in fact get the upgrade, and it appears centered around the versions which will have 1 GB of RAM, while those without will not see the update.

The email reads:


The devices getting the update include:

  • Blu Win HD W510u: Update available
  • Blu Win HD LTE X150q: Update is on pause. (bug fixes)
  • Blu Win HD LTE X150e: Update is pending
  • Blu Win Jr LTE X130e: Update is pending

The devices which will not receive the update below are the 512 MB version primarily available in USA.

  • Blu Win Jr LTE X130q: Update not available
  • Blu Win Jr: Update not available

Readers should be able to check their version under Settings>About.