Rumour: Blu Win JR LTE may get official Windows 10 Mobile upgrade yet, but only in Europe



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There’s been some drama around Blu Win HD LTE and the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade over the last few days, with Microsoft selling the device for some time with the clear promise that it would support Windows 10 Mobile.

The handset was however not included in what appeared to be the final list of WP8.1 handsets getting the official Windows 10 Mobile update, supposedly due to not having 1 GB of RAM.

Now well-connected German site reports from their sources that Microsoft is indeed working on an official upgrade Blu Win HD LTE as well as the European version of the Blu Win JR LTE and the TrekStor WinPhone 4.7 HD, both of which have 1 GB of RAM, vs 512 MB in Europe.

There is no guarantee the work will eventually result in an official release, but it seems this is one high profile broken promise Microsoft may be hoping to keep after all, at least for some.

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