Blood Bowl 3’s early access launch has been delayed

September 23, 2021
Blood Bowl 3

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Cyanide Studio and Nacon have announced that Blood Bowl 3’s early access PC release was “a bit too optimistic,” so it’s been delayed indefinitely. 

“Our primary concern is the quality of the game experience we will deliver when the4 game releases, and we want to take enough time to achieve these quality goals,” Cyanide Studio announced in a Twitter post.

“That’s why we have to announce a delay of the early access on PC,” the Blood Bowl 3 team continued, notably not giving a date for a new early access launch. Instead, the team at Cyanide Studio said that “we will get back to you in the coming weeks with a new release window.” 

With Cyanide Studio listening to the player feedback from the closed beta in June, hopefully, Blood Bowl 3 will be worth the wait when it launches, even if it is taking a little longer than expected. 

Blood Bowl 3 was originally planned to launch this August, however, a delay in June pushed the game back into February 2022. It’s currently unclear if this early access delay will also affect the full release of the game next year. 

When Blood Bowl 3 does launch, whenever that may be, it will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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