BioWare plans for multiple installments when developing Dragon Age

Update: Dragon Age’s Mike Laidlaw said that there’s no planned ending for Dragon Age and that BioWare always looks a few games ahead to plan the direction of the franchise. All of this points to a new game in development, if not another one in pre-production at least.

Dragon Age is an important franchise to EA and BioWare and it looks development on the next game is ramping up. Creative director Mike Laidlaw said on The 1099 podcast this week that “something is happening with Dragon Age.” While Laidlaw didn’t give any more details about the next game in the series, he did say that BioWare was “hiring a lot of people” for the next Dragon Age game.

BioWare recently expanded their studios and it seems as though the development time on many of their games has shortened. Mass Effect: Andromeda just released and Anthem is coming out next year. For all we know, Dragon Age may release in Holiday 2018 or early 2019. While BioWare has a history of creating stellar experiences, Mass Effect: Andromeda was a broken mess when it came out. Hopefully that won’t be the case for Anthem or the next Dragon Age game given how fragmented the studios are at the moment.