Bing Maps updated to show more traffic data



Traffic is finally useful for those who don't drive on interstates!

In the past few days, Microsoft has silently rolled out an update to Bing Maps’ traffic data, expanding the number of roads it covers.

The changes were first spotted by two of our tipsters, Sean and Bob, and also on a thread over at WPCentral’s forums. Sean and Bob noted that Bing Maps on their Windows Phone started displaying traffic on main roads, instead of just on the highways/interstates.

In my local city, Tucson, the traffic info finally covers the smaller roads. Previously, traffic was limited to the interstate or a very small amount of major roads through the city.

Bing Maps for WP7 still doesn’t support displaying traffic info yet like its bigger sibbling does, but hopefully in the future you will be able to read about construction or accidents directly from your phone!

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