Bing Maps releases new imagery for 41 cities in Spain



Microsoft Bing Maps team today announced the release of new imagery for 41 cities in Spain, covering a total of 6,000 square kilometers in partnership with Airbus. Recently, Bing team also announced the availability of new imagery in Italy and Switzerland which included 297,000 square kilometers in Italy and 38,000 square kilometers in Switzerland.

Microsoft highlighted the below stunning imagery of Spain:

  • Albacete, the home of the Albacete Fair, is located in southeast central Spain. Celebrated over 10 days in September, the fair is known for its festive atmosphere and activities including bull fighting, concerts, theatre, parades, sporting competitions and more.
  • Cadiz, located in southwestern Spain, is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe and the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain. Home to the famous Carnival of Cadiz, the city transforms into a massive street party during the 11-day affair, teeming with partygoers in costume and fancy dress.

You can explore more places like the above here.

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