Microsoft plans “aggressive rollout” for Bing chat on other browsers

July 25, 2023

For a considerable duration, Microsoft has tightly controlled access to its robust AI-driven search engine chatbot and made it an exclusive Edge feature. However, in recent updates, the Redmond-headquartered tech giant is now gearing up for an assertive expansion by introducing Bing chat on other browsers.

As we’ve previously reported, Microsoft finally launches the Bing AI chat on other browsers, like Google Chrome and Apple Safari, after rigorously testing it for quite some time since as early as June this year. 

However, unlike the original on Edge, the chatbot comes with a few limitations, including limited characters count (2,000) and messages (5). 

Now, while it has been tested with a limited number of users on Google Chrome and Apple Safari, the company is now fixing known issues and planning an “aggressive rollout” to reach more people soon. This has been confirmed by Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin, who serves as the company’s CEO of Advertising and Web Services.

Not too long ago, the widely-used chatbot introduced image understanding/input capabilities, a much-requested feature that its competitor, Google’s Bard, has offered for some time now. However, unlike Bard, Bing Chat currently doesn’t support image recognition for people’s faces. 

The new feature allows users to conduct image-based searches through a clickable icon located at the bottom right of the chat interface. Yet, some users have reported issues when using the microphone (voice input) alongside the image search function.

What do you think about Bing Chat on other browsers? Have you come across it while using Chrome? Share your experiences in the comments section!

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