Tell your company that Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge mobile has finally arrived

August 28, 2023

The Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge mobile version is here, as announced by Microsoft in a blog post. The good thing is, that’s not the only promising news we have today.

In case you missed it, Bing Chat Enterprise is a secure and private chat platform that is powered by artificial intelligence. It can be used to chat with individuals or groups, share files, and collaborate on projects. Bing Chat Enterprise also integrates with Microsoft 365, so users can access their work files and calendars from within the chat app.

To take Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge mobile out for a spin, you can simply sign in to your work account on the app and click on the Bing Chat button. It’ll take you to Bing Chat Enterprise right away.

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Depending on the subscription plan you have, Bing Chat Enterprise comes at no additional cost if you’re on Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium. But, as a standalone purchase, the mode costs $5 per user per month.

Not only that, but Microsoft also announced that Bing AI Chat has finally arrived on Chrome. After rigorous testing on several selected users, the chatbot is now live on Edge’s rival browser after the recent Stable release channel. 

Plus, Microsoft has also updated the search page templates for certain topics on Bing with a more cohesive design and using generative AI content. The new design avoids content duplication and makes more efficient use of space on the search results page, helping users find answers faster.

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