Bing AI Chat on Chrome and its Enterprise mode now live in the latest Stable release

August 28, 2023

Microsoft announced today that it is bringing its Bing AI Chat on Chrome, in addition to its native Edge, as well as its Enterprise version. The new support for third-party browsers will allow more people to use Bing Chat to get answers to their questions, create content, and collaborate with others.

Now live after the recent Stable Channel update, both Bing Chat and its Enterprise mode are supported in Chrome desktop on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Microsoft also promises that support for the mobile version is coming — as well as support for Apple Safari

In case you missed it, Microsoft rolled out a closed experiment to bring Bing AI chat on Chrome back in July, but it came with a few limitations. Only 5 messages and a character count of 2,000 were permitted at that time. Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin, who oversees Bing AI chat, also confirmed that Bing AI chat on other browsers was in “running flights.”

“This next step in the journey allows Bing to showcase the incredible value of summarized answers, image creation, and more, to a broader array of people. You’ll get most of the great benefits of Bing and we’ll continue to optimize along the way to meet your needs across different browsers,” Microsoft said at that time.

A commercial suicide for Microsoft? Well, not too far in the past, we also reported about their forceful marketing efforts targeting Chrome users on Windows 11, aiming to persuade them to shift from using Chrome’s search engine to Bing. 

Though, it’s interesting that they’ve now introduced Bing AI chat to Chrome, which contrasts with their earlier approach of sending notifications to Chrome users, urging them to switch to Bing.

Google Chrome for desktops is available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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