Bing can now show you lottery results, and other lottery information


27, 2016


Bing today announced a new feature for its search results. With the new updates, you can now find out about the results from a lottery right on Bing Search. For example, if you want to find the winning numbers for Powerball, you can just search “powerball” on bing and it will show you the winning numbers for Powerball. Alongside this, Microsoft is also adding lottery information to its search results. With the latest update, Bing will now give you relevant information about a lottery which you may have searched for. Bing will provide information such as winning odds, price for a ticket, and drawing times:


In addition to lottery information and results, Bing will also display related lotteries in its search results from now. For example, if you search about “powerball” on Bing, you will get a list of related lotteries such as Lotto and Mega Millions.

The new features for Bing are, indeed, pretty sweet if you are interested in lotteries. If you want to know more about the latest features, head over to the company’s announcement blog post.

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