This new in-work Bing AI accessibility feature could help visually-impaired users

August 1, 2023

Bing AI accessibility feature is something that could make users’ lives a whole lot easier. And, according to a recent discovery, Microsoft could reportedly be developing a new feature for Bing AI that will alter the display of chat history to better cater to visually impaired users.

A blind user has requested that Microsoft make changes to the way Bing AI displays chat history. The user, who goes by @susianguard on Twitter, said that the chat history currently appears in the middle of output and input, making it difficult to scroll up and down between the two.

“I’m blind and use a screen reader, on edge and when working with bing AI, the chat history is right in the middle of output and input when browsing,” Guard wrote in a tweet. “Could you please change this so we could easily scroll up and down between output and input? Thank you.”

Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin, who oversees Bing AI chat’s R&D, responded to Guard’s tweet, saying that he would ask the team to look into the issue.

“Asking the team to check what we can do here,” Parakhin tweeted.

Could this mean the feature is coming soon? Well, it’s always best to take rumors with a grain of salt. After all, new features often undergo weeks or months of internal testing before they are released to the public.

Not too long ago, Parakhin also revealed that the team had worked on a feature that lets you stop Bing chat from including web searches. This could be a nice addition, especially for word prompts that don’t need outside search like mathematic equations or coding.

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