30 Best Stable Diffusion Prompts for Great Images [Examples]

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We’ve covered DALL-E 2 and Midjourney, so it’s only fair to give you the best Stable Diffusion prompts too.

Stable Diffusion is known for its ability to produce highly detailed images based on text descriptions. However, its capabilities extend beyond that, as it can also be applied to tasks like inpainting, outpainting, and image-to-image translations guided by text prompts.

But what happens when you lack inspiration? Well, this article is meant to help you. I’ll give you over 20 Stable Diffusion prompt examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Best Stable Diffusion prompts for painting

1. The Renaissance Astrounaut

Combine elements from different time periods, like Renaissance art and modern space exploration. Specify the background and key features, such as a reflective helmet, to add depth. Ensure coherence between the art style and the subject.

Renaissance-style portrait of an astronaut in space, detailed starry background, reflective helmet.

Renaissance Astronaut Portrait Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

2. The Surreal Floating Island

To create fantastical scenes, use an art movement like Surrealism that breaks from reality. Detail key elements (e.g., clock gears) and include diverse subjects (e.g., mythical creatures) for richness.

“Surrealist painting of a floating island with giant clock gears, populated with mythical creatures.”

Surrealist Painting Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

3. Impression of Japanese Serenity

Select an art movement (Impressionism) that complements the subject (Japanese garden). Specify elements like a bridge and koi pond to create a focus and detail within the painting.

“Impressionist landscape of a Japanese garden in autumn, with a bridge over a koi pond.”

4. Jazz in Abstract Colors

When translating abstract concepts like music into art, choose an art style (Abstract) that allows for experimentation. Use descriptors like vibrant colors and erratic shapes to communicate the energy.

“Abstract painting representing the sound of jazz music, using vibrant colors and erratic shapes.”

The Sound of Jazz Abstract Painting Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

5. The Confluence of Pop Art

To create a commentary on modern technology and classical art, use an art style like Pop Art that often addresses cultural themes. Clearly mention the juxtaposition of elements.

“Pop Art painting of a modern smartphone with classic art pieces appearing on the screen.”

Pop Art Modern Woman with a Smartphone Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

6. The Robotic Baroque Battle

Mixing historical styles (Baroque) with futuristic themes (robots) can be visually striking. Ensure the grandeur and complexity typical of the art style is reflected in the elements chosen.

“Baroque-style battle scene with futuristic robots and a golden palace in the background.”

Baroque Style Futuristic Robots Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

7. Cubist Bustling Market

For dynamic environments like markets, choose an art style like Cubism that can depict multiple perspectives. Describe the key elements such as people and stalls.

“Cubist painting of a bustling city market with different perspectives of people and stalls.”

Cubist Painting City Market Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

8. The Romantic Stormy Voyage

Choose an art style (Romanticism) that emphasizes emotions and nature’s grandeur for scenes like storms. Specify the atmosphere and dramatic elements such as lighting and waves.

“Romantic painting of a ship sailing in a stormy sea, with dramatic lighting and powerful waves.”

Romantic Paintinc of Ship Sailing Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

9. The Botanist in Art Nouveau

Pair subjects like botany with art styles like Art Nouveau, known for floral motifs. Focus on the character and the environment, and ensure they complement each other in the composition.

“Art Nouveau painting of a female botanist surrounded by exotic plants in a greenhouse.”

Art Noveau Female Botanist Painting Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

10. The Gothic Moonlit Castle

For a dark, atmospheric scene like an ancient castle, use an art style like Gothic. Mention iconic elements like gargoyles and full moon to set the tone and mood of the painting.

“Gothic painting of an ancient castle at night, with a full moon, gargoyles, and shadows.”

Gothic Painting Castle Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

Best Stable Diffusion prompts for realistic photos

1. Rainy New York Nights

Mention the mood (rainy night) and location (New York) to give context. Specify the style (black and white) and elements like reflections to focus on the atmosphere.

“Black and white street photography of a rainy night in New York, reflections on wet pavement.”

Black and White Street Photography Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

2. The Fashion of Abandoned Places

Pair contrasting elements like high fashion and an abandoned warehouse to create visual interest. Specify lighting to emphasize mood, and describe the style of clothing.

“High-fashion photography in an abandoned industrial warehouse, with dramatic lighting and edgy outfits.”

Fashion Industrial Photo Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

3. Rainbow Dewdrops

Specify the type of photography (macro) and the main subject (dewdrops on a spiderweb). Mention environmental elements like morning sunlight and rainbows to set the scene.

“Macro photography of dewdrops on a spiderweb, with morning sunlight creating rainbows.”

Macro Photography of Spider Web Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

4. Aerial Autumn River

State the perspective (aerial) and the main subject (winding river). Describe the environment, such as the autumn foliage, and use adjectives like vibrant to convey color.

“Aerial photography of a winding river through autumn forests, with vibrant red and orange foliage.”

Aerial Photography of a River Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

5. Skateboarder’s Urban Flight

Define the subject (skateboarder) and action (mid-jump). Specify background elements (graffiti walls) and technical aspects like high shutter speed to convey the desired outcome.

“Urban portrait of a skateboarder in mid-jump, graffiti walls background, high shutter speed.”

Skateboarder Fast Shot Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

6. Dive into Coral Reefs

Clearly define the environment (underwater, coral reef) and what should be included (marine life, scuba diver). Mentioning scale can give context to the size of the subjects.

“Underwater photography of a coral reef, with diverse marine life and a scuba diver for scale.”

Coral Reef Underwater Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

7. Vintage European Transit

Use style descriptors (vintage) and specify the location (European train station). Mention elements like passengers and old luggage to set the time period and atmosphere.

“Vintage-style travel photography of a train station in Europe, with passengers and old luggage.”

8. Star Trails over Mountains

Specify technical aspects (long-exposure) and subjects (starry sky, mountain range). Mention additional elements like light trails to add depth and interest.

“Long-exposure night photography of a starry sky over a mountain range, with light trails.”

9. Marketplace Colors of Marrakech

State the style (documentary) and location (Marrakech marketplace) to set the context. Include key elements (spices, textiles) to capture the essence of the place.

“Documentary-style photography of a bustling marketplace in Marrakech, with spices and textiles.”

Market place in Morroco Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

10. Elegance on a Plate

Specify the subject (gourmet meal) and the technical aspects like shallow depth of field. Describe presentation (elegant plating) and lighting to set the mood of the photograph.

“Food photography of a gourmet meal, with a shallow depth of field, elegant plating, and soft lighting.”

Food photography Gourmet Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

Best Stable Diffusion prompts for digital art

1. Neon-Soaked Cyberpunk City

Set the theme (Cyberpunk) and describe the environment (cityscape with skyscrapers). Include iconic elements (neon signs, flying cars) to capture the essence of the genre.

“Cyberpunk cityscape with towering skyscrapers, neon signs, and flying cars.”

Cyberpunk City Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

2. Dragon’s Stormy Perch

Clearly define the genre (fantasy) and main subject (dragon). Use dynamic environmental elements (stormy sky, lightning) to create drama and mood.

“Fantasy illustration of a dragon perched on a castle, with a stormy sky and lightning in the background.”

Fantasy Dragon Perched on a Castle Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

3. Reflections of Earth

Define the setting (space) and main subject (astronaut). Use details like reflection in the helmet visor to add depth and perspective.

“Digital painting of an astronaut floating in space, with a reflection of Earth in the helmet visor.”

Astronaut Floating in Space Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

4. After The Fall

Specify the type (concept art) and setting (post-apocalyptic). Include elements like ruins and overgrown vegetation to set the atmosphere, and add characters for a narrative.

“Concept art for a post-apocalyptic world with ruins, overgrown vegetation, and a lone survivor.”

Post Apocalyptic World with Ruins Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

5. Retro Gaming Nostalgia

Mention the art style (Pixel art) and reference nostalgia (8-bit video game character). Include action (running) and setting (retro platformer level) to convey the desired scenario.

“Pixel art of an 8-bit video game character running through a retro platformer level.”

8 Bit Art Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

6. Medieval Village Life

Specify the perspective (Isometric) and the setting (medieval village). Include architectural elements (thatched roofs) and activity (market square, townsfolk) for immersion.

“Isometric digital art of a medieval village with thatched roofs, a market square, and townsfolk.”

Isometric Digital art of Village Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

7. Samurai and the Mystical

Mention the style (manga) and characters (samurai warrior, mystical creature). Describe the action (duel) to create tension and excitement.

“Digital illustration in manga style of a samurai warrior in a duel against a mystical creature.”

Samurai fighting Dragon Illustration Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

8. Minimalistic Geometry

State the style (minimalistic) and the subject (abstract geometric pattern). Describe the color scheme (harmonious color palette) to set the visual tone.

“A minimalistic digital artwork of an abstract geometric pattern with a harmonious color palette.”

Minimalistic Geometric Work Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

9. Alien Flora and Fauna

Set the genre (Sci-fi) and describe the environment (alien landscape). Add elements like otherworldly plants and creatures for depth and imagination.

“Sci-fi digital painting of an alien landscape with otherworldly plants, strange creatures, and distant planets.”

Scifi Alien Landscape Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

10. The Inventor’s Steampunk Workshop

Specify the theme (Steampunk) and setting (inventor’s workshop). Include detailed elements (machines, gears, steam engines) to capture the complexity of the genre.

“Steampunk digital art of an inventor’s workshop, with intricate machines, gears, and steam engines.”

Steam Punk Inventor Room Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

How Do I Improve My Stable Diffusion Prompts?

First and foremost, it’s vital to have a curiosity for exploration. When you start using Stable Diffusion to find images, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This is a common experience, as having too many options can make it difficult to come up with even the simplest ideas. So, don’t stress about it. Begin with easy prompts, like the one below, to get started smoothly.

A cute dog

A Cute Dog Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

Moving forward, a valuable tip is to consistently broaden your initial prompt. Let’s consider keeping the original concept while incorporating a fresh element.

A cute dog with a bowtie

Cute Dog with a Bowtie Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

Moreover, you have the option to enhance your desired outcomes by incorporating additional elements such as style, color tones, diverse lighting setups, and various other parameters. This enables you to refine and customize the results to align more closely with your preferences.

Cute Dog Typing at a Typewriter German Style

Cute Dog Typing at a Typewriter Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

How to Create and Improve Your Stable Diffusion Prompts

Creating Stable Diffusion prompts comes down to having a clear idea and being as descriptive as possible

Ultimately, the crucial element is to continuously experiment. If you find it hard to begin, here’s an easy trick. Use the three main aspects of an image – subject, setting, and action – and add random words in each category:
Random Words Play list

Then, take a word from each category and combine them. So for example, if we combine points 2,1 and 4 we will get this prompt:

Clouds Exploding in the Desert

Clouds Exploding in the Desert Best Stable Diffusion Prompts

This will provide you with a fantastic foundation for delving into the world of prompts and unlocking your true creativity until you achieve the precise results you desire. The beauty of Stable Diffusion prompts lies in their evolution from simplicity to magnificence.

Stable Diffusion is here to stay and having the best prompts will empower you to unleash your imagination. I invite you to join the conversation in the comments section below and let’s initiate a discussion about your experiences.