30 Best Midjourney Prompts to Get Amazing Results

July 4, 2023

You’ve probably heard about Midjourney until now, but you never took a closer look. However, as AI technologies are more and more emergent in our day-to-day life, the need to get inspired is becoming a bigger necessity.

Hailing from San Francisco’s independent research lab, Midjourney is a game-changer service that transforms natural language prompts into stunningly detailed images, reminiscent of the capabilities of OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

But enough talking. In today’s article, we will explore the best Midjourney prompts we patiently crafted to inspire your creative journey and unleash your imagination.

Best Midjourney prompts for painting

1. The Forest

Midjourney is not afraid of taking detailed prompts, even more, it is highly recommended to do so.

A serene autumn landscape with a reflective lake surrounded by trees with colorful fall foliage, in the style of the Hudson River School, capturing the romantic essence and fine details.

Serene Autumn Landscape Hudson River School Style Best Midjourney Prompts

2. Market Place in the 17th Century

Adding styles is very important, and you can even blend them. Just make sure to take your time and imagine what you want to see.

A lively marketplace in the 17th century Netherlands, with people bustling about, stalls with a variety of goods, and a warm atmosphere, inspired by Pieter Aertsen, using oil painting techniques.

Lively Market Place in the 17th Century Netherlands

3. Dali’s Mushroom Island

The more details you use, the better the results will be. Always explore, and you will surely find something you like.

A surrealist painting that depicts a dreamlike scene with floating islands, bizarre creatures, and distorted perspectives, inspired by Salvador Dalí and Max Ernst, with intricate details and vibrant colors.

Surrealist painting Dali Style Mushrooms

4. The Zen Garden

Sometimes you can go simple. Midjourney knows simplicity as well. This could work great as a poster, or even printed on a t-shirt.

A tranquil Zen garden with cherry blossom trees, a small bridge, and koi fish swimming in a pond.

A Zen Garden

5. Abstract Expressions

Yes, it knows abstract paintings as well, and you might actually trick someone into thinking this is a Jackson Pollock artwork.

An abstract expressionist painting using bold brush strokes, dripping paint, and vibrant colors, reflecting the inner emotions and turmoil, inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock.

Abstract Brushes Painting Pollock

6. The Mysterious Woman

This doesn’t look like Baroque that much, which means Midjourney won’t always work as you wish. This result works great as a prompt for character making.

A portrait of a mysterious woman sitting in an ornate, gothic throne room, with subtle elements of fantasy and magical realism, painted with the dark and dramatic style of the Baroque period.

Detailed Sketch of a Fantasy Mysterious Woman

7. Clash of the Titans

Incorporate action and drama through the Romanticism movement. Describing the scene in detail will help Midjourney bring it to life.

A dynamic action scene of a knight battling a dragon on a cliffside, with roaring waves below, inspired by the Romanticism movement, reminiscent of the works of Eugène Delacroix.

A Knight Battling a Dragon

8. Sunset by the Shore

Experiment with light and color by using the Impressionist style. Impressionism is perfect for capturing fleeting moments in time, like a sunset.

A quaint Italian seaside village with colorful buildings, boats, and the reflection of the setting sun on the water, in the impressionist style of Claude Monet, with visible brush strokes and dappled light.

A quaint Italian Seaside City

9. Geometric Abstraction

Play with shapes and forms through Cubism. A still life with fragmented forms can bring a fresh perspective to ordinary objects.

A cubist painting of a still life with geometric shapes, fragmented forms, and multiple perspectives, inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, using a muted color palette.

A Cubist Painting with Geometric Shapes

10. City of the Future

Let your imagination run wild by creating futuristic landscapes. Incorporate elements of science fiction and concept art to envision a world yet to come.

A futuristic cityscape with towering skyscrapers, flying vehicles, and a diverse population of humans and robots, painted in a concept art style inspired by Syd Mead, with a focus on detail and realism.

A futuristic Cityscape

Best Midjourney prompts for photography

1. The Pulse of the City

Black and white photography has a unique charm and is especially effective in portraying the raw energy of city life. And guess what, Midjourney is great for arhitectural images, and it can replicate and innovate in amazing ways.

A black and white street photography of a busy New York City intersection with the Empire State Building in the background, capturing the energy and chaos of city life.

2. Underwater Wonders

Aerial views provide a unique perspective. Play with lens sizes to get wide shots. The Great Barrier Reef is a treasure trove of colors and patterns, so capturing it from above is visually stunning.

A majestic aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef, capturing the vibrant colors and patterns of the coral, with a focus on clarity and sharpness to show the delicate ecosystem, 12mm shot.

Great Barrier Reef

3. The Delicate Beauty

Macro photography allows you to immerse in the tiny details. Pay close attention to focus, as capturing the tiny droplets on a spider’s web can be challenging but rewarding. Play with keywords like “high resolution” to get those sharp, realistic results.

A close-up macro shot of morning dew on a spider’s web, with the focus on the intricate patterns and water droplets, giving it an ethereal quality, high resolution.

Spiders Web Morning Shot

4. Wrinkles Tell a Story

Portraits are about capturing the soul. Natural lighting is key in highlighting the rich textures and stories hidden in the features of an elderly person. Midjourney for making portraits is absolutely stunning.

A powerful portrait of an elderly person, capturing the wrinkles, texture of the skin, and expressive eyes that tell a story of a lifetime, in high resolution and natural lighting.

Portrait of an Old Man

5. Celestial Dance

In landscape photography, patience is crucial. To capture the Northern Lights, use long exposure and take multiple shots to get the perfect image. Make sure to play with the keyword “realistic” as it will give real like results in no time.

A realistic landscape shot of the Northern Lights dancing over a snowy mountain range in Iceland, with long exposure to capture the motion and vibrant colors.

Northern Lights

6. Nostalgia on Wheels

Embrace the vintage vibe by experimenting with film photography effects. Route 66 and classic cars are the perfect combination for a nostalgic journey.

A vintage-style photograph of a classic car on Route 66, with a desert backdrop, taken with the effect of film photography and graininess for a nostalgic feel.

7. Grace Above the City

Action shots require a keen eye and perfect timing. The juxtaposition of an elegant ballet dancer and a gritty cityscape can create a powerful image. This works great for interior design as a wall poster.

An action shot of a professional ballet dancer mid-leap on a city rooftop at dusk, capturing the movement, grace, and urban environment in a dynamic composition.

Ballet Dancer on Top of Building

8. Colors of the Market

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere. A crowded marketplace is a great subject for candid shots with a rich tapestry of colors and textures.

A candid shot of a crowded marketplace in Marrakesh, Morocco, capturing the colors, textures, and atmosphere of the place, with a shallow depth of field focusing on a street vendor.

Market Place in Marrakesh

9. Night Sky Wonders

Night photography is challenging but rewarding. In normal conditions, you would need a good camera and a good location. This is one of the best Midjourney prompts to generate night shots.

A panoramic view of a starry night sky in the Atacama Desert, Chile, capturing the Milky Way and other celestial bodies, with an emphasis on clarity and depth of field.

Starry Night

10. Purity in Nature

Focus on capturing the essence of freshness. The reflection in a single raindrop can be a world in itself, and a close-up shot can reveal the beauty in the simplest elements of nature. Macro photography is also something which Midjourney does relatively easily.

A close-up shot of a raindrop about to fall from a leaf, with a focus on reflection and the vibrant greenery around it, creating a fresh and pure atmosphere.

Raindrop on A leaf

Best Midjourney prompts for digital art

1. The Neon City

Cyberpunk themes offer a rich playground for creativity. Focus on creating a moody atmosphere with high contrast neon lights, and attention to details in the towering skyscrapers. Digital Art is quite easy for Midjourney to generate, and you can make your own stickers, t-shirts and plenty of other cool things with these results.

A futuristic cyberpunk cityscape at night with towering neon-lit skyscrapers, flying cars, and a diverse crowd of humans and androids, in a highly detailed digital painting reminiscent of Blade Runner.

Cyberpunk Space

2. Enchanted Forest

When creating a fantasy environment, let your imagination run wild. Incorporate glowing elements and magical creatures to make the forest come alive.

A vibrant and whimsical fantasy forest with magical creatures, glowing plants, and a flowing river, in a digital painting style inspired by video games like Ori and the Blind Forest.

Magical Forest Best Midjourney Prompts

3. Steampunk Inventor

Character concept art requires attention to detail. With a steampunk theme, focus on mechanical elements and textures like metal and leather.

A character concept art of a steampunk inventor with mechanical limbs, wearing goggles and a leather trench coat, in a detailed digital painting with a focus on textures and materials.

Steampunk Inventor Best Midjourney Prompts

4. Galactic Battles

Capturing the chaos and grandeur of a space battle requires an understanding of scale and action. Use vibrant colors for laser beams and explosions to create contrast.

A digital painting of a space battle scene, with intricate spaceships, laser beams, and explosions, inspired by the epic scale and visual style of Star Wars.

Space Battle Asteroid Best Midjourney Prompts

5. Underwater Serenity

In underwater scenes, lighting and water effects are crucial. Pay attention to how light filters through the water and how it affects the surroundings.

A serene underwater scene with a mermaid sitting on a rock, surrounded by colorful coral reefs and fish, in a digital art style with a focus on lighting and water effects.

Mermaid Fantasy Best Midjourney Prompts

6. Haunted Elegance

For a gothic horror scene, atmosphere is key. Use fog, shadows and a monochromatic color palette to create a haunting, yet elegant mood.

A haunting gothic horror scene of an abandoned mansion on a hill, with fog, full moon, and shadowy figures, in a digital painting style reminiscent of the Castlevania game series.

Horror Mansion Best Midjourney Prompts

7. Heroes in Action

Capture the dynamism of superheroes using dramatic angles and bold colors. Experiment with perspective to make the action pop out of the scene.

A dynamic superhero action scene with characters flying, fighting, and using their powers, in a digital comic book style, with bold colors and dramatic angles.

Super Hero Comic Action Scene Best Midjourney Prompts

8. Lost in Time

High-fantasy environments are often full of wonder. Combine architectural elements with a magical landscape to evoke a sense of mystery and ancient power.

A mystical landscape of floating islands, ancient ruins, and magical artifacts, in a high-fantasy digital art style inspired by the environments in the game Final Fantasy.

Floating island Fantasy Space Best Midjourney Prompts

9. Wasteland Warrior

In post-apocalyptic themes, the harshness of the environment is a character itself. Use gritty textures and details like battle scars to convey a sense of survival and struggle.

A portrait of a post-apocalyptic warrior with battle scars, armor, and weapons, standing in a desolate wasteland, in a detailed digital painting with gritty textures, inspired by the Mad Max franchise.

Post Apocalyptic Warrior Best Midjourney Prompts

10. Autumn in a Japanese Garden

Utilize an anime-inspired style for a softer and more romantic feel. Focus on capturing the beauty and tranquility of the garden, with vibrant colors for the autumn leaves.

A digital painting of a serene Japanese garden in autumn, with a tea house, koi pond, and maple trees with falling leaves, with an anime-inspired art style reminiscent of Studio Ghibli films.

Serene Japanese Garden Best Midjourney Prompts

How Do I Improve My Midjourney Prompt?

First of all, it’s very important to be keen to explore. Midjourney can be overwhelming in the beginning if you do not know what you are looking for in your image results. This is very common, as option paralysis can settle in, and your mind gets stuck trying to imagine even the simplest ideas. So take it easy, start with simple prompts such as the one below.

Portrait of a robot detective

Portrait of a Robot Detective Best Midjourney Prompts

From here on, the best tip is to always expand your first prompt. Let’s say we will keep the original idea but add a new element.

Portrait of a robot detective, holding a rose in his hand

Portrait of a Robot Detective Holding a Rose in his Hand Best Midjourney Prompts

Additionally you can add up a style, or color tones, or different light setups, and many other parameters to further get the results you want.

Portrait of a robot detective, in the style of Salvador Dali

Portrait of a Robot Detective in the Style of Salvador Dali Best Midjourney Prompts

In the end, the key element is for you to always try out new ideas. You can make a list with 3 categories: subject, setting, action . Let’s see a short example of this.
Random Words Play list

So for example, if we combine points 4,5 and 6 we will get this prompt:

An eye in heaven investigating

The eye in the heavens best midjourney promtps
This should give you a great start into learning how to play with prompts and become truly creative, until you will get the exact results that you are expecting. The best Midjourney prompts always start simple and become majestic in the end.
Surely enough Midjourney is here to stay, so don’t be afraid to unleash your imagination. Let’s start a discussion in the comments section below!

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