Best AI Video Generator for Android: 7 Tools You’ll Love

by Vladan
November 17, 2023
best AI video generator for Android

Is Copilot the best AI companion out there? Help us find out by answering a couple of quick questions!

Find the best AI video generator for Android based on your needs. I tested all top apps available on the Google Play store and some browser-based services. The result is this ultimate list of 7 solutions.

Before jumping in, I want to make one thing straight – AI video generators can serve various purposes. This is why it’s crucial to identify which one suits your specific use cases.

Best AI Video Generator for Android

I made a video using each solution so you can get the feel of what matters the most: output.

1. Virbo

My first pick is a dedicated AI video generator trusted by hundreds of thousands of users. It comes with many features and templates you can use for various purposes.

The most helpful feature of Virbo is AI Avatars. You can select an avatar from a rich and intuitive library to create videos. This is precisely what I did, and here’s the output:

YouTube player

If you want a tailored experience, you can customize an avatar and use it to make unique videos. Besides the visual avatar, you can also clone AI voices, which can do wonders in interactions with your employees or clients.

You probably already have a use case in mind so I won’t go into much detail on this. I’ll only say that many possibilities are unlocked and made easy with these AI Avatar customization options.

Moving on, I must mention that the AI Video Translator feature is more than decent. This allows you to create multilingual videos with only a few taps within the app!

Don’t have a script? Vibro has you covered! You can use the Topic To Video feature to create a script directly in the app. As the output, you also get the video with an AI avatar and voiceover.

If you’re like me and like to keep things a bit more under control, you can use the AI Script feature. Select one of the available languages, add the Product name, select a text style, and add key selling points.

Here, it’s up to you to be concise and precise since you have only 100 characters available.

Pros Cons
Free credits for testing Slightly unintuitive interface
Huge library with templates Problems with pronunciation, depending on the AI Avatar
Customization options for AI avatar
Can translate videos into many languages
Turn topics into scripts or videos

2. Filmora

Fun fact: Filmora and Virbo are made by the same company, Wondershare. The reason the features aren’t combined in the same app is reliability.

Filmora has created a huge user base since it started in 2015, long before AI could produce decent results in the niche. This means the company is careful with what they add to their main app. However, they made a significant step by introducing the AI Show feature.

As you can see from the video, you can upload any image and generate a few seconds of videos from it. I used an image from as a starting point.

If you already use Filmora’s Android app for editing videos, you can use the AI Show feature. With it, you can create small inserts to cover certain parts for which you don’t have materials. It isn’t a complete video on its own by any means.

I didn’t add Filmora to the list only because of the showcased feature. There are also other AI features neatly implemented in the existing environment. You can use Auto Captions to quickly create captions for your videos or AI Copywriting to help when you block.

The output you can expect with AI Copywriting is similar to what you get with Vibro. Wondershare probably uses the same AI model for it.

Overall, Filmora’s Android app is one of the rare examples of how AI features can be implemented without destroying the existing foundation.

Pros Cons
Free credits for testing AI Show doesn’t deliver a complete video
AI Copywriting for scripts To truly benefit, you must know your way around the app
Auto Captions AI videos are just morphed AI images
AI Features integrated into existing editing app

3. VideoLeap

VideoLeap is my choice for expanding an image with infinite zoom on your mobile. This AI video generator for Android allows you to upload media (it can also be a video) and add context. This is the result you can expect from it:

The music was added automatically, and everything else was generated based on my textual input. This is the RAW video, but you can continue editing it directly in the app.

You can also use many existing templates to add various effects. In VideoLeap, it’s referred to as AI editing. It can help you achieve fantastic results from existing media.

Like Filmora, VideoLeap comes with various features needed for editing. The difference is that it’s more straightforward, which makes it easier to use and create. This also brings some limitations, which is why Filmora is ranked better than it.

The template gallery has an ultra-familiar TikTok interface. Although I don’t like it, it seems the target audience is short video creators. If you’re one, you’ll probably love it and use it for your social media accounts.

Finally, it’s worth saying that the app is user-friendly, and generating the first video happens quickly.

Pros Cons
A free version of the app exists No voice-over or scriptwriting features
A rich gallery of templates Primarily suitable for short social media videos
AI Effects you can apply to media Limited editing options
Generate and edit Infinite Zoom videos in one app

4. Video AI

This is another decent solution if you’re looking for an app to generate AI-morphed videos. In the example below, I once again provided the photo of my character, and this is the result:

The output gives much creativity, yet somehow, it feels exactly like an AI-generated video. I provided the same prompt as in previous videos but didn’t see any influence on it. So, you must be more specific with Video AI than other apps on this list.

You can use an existing template or create one with prompts + media combination. The best part is that you can add multiple prompts and media to get more layered and advanced video outputs.

The interface itself gets the most points. Navigating the app is easy and intuitive, as well as searching the library of templates.

Speaking about templates, they’re again presented in a social media manner. There’s a trending section and thematic templates you can use. However, all of them have the same lack of creativity.

Ultimately, if you’re a beginner in AI-generated content, this app can help you create decent output on your Android device.

Pros Cons
Free weekly credits Video output lacks creativity
User-friendly interface There are no options to edit the video after it’s generated
Suitable for beginners You can only create morphed AI videos
Decent thematic template library

5. VideoRobot

VideoRobot is the most convenient yet most limited AI video generator for Android. This might interest you if you want results similar to Virbo but with related videos in the background.

If you watched the video, the problem with this one is more than evident. The output quality can’t match the other solutions.

However, the reason why VideoRobot was worth my attention is its simplicity. When you launch the app, you have only one option: New Video.

Here, you can add your AI Prompt and select the video duration. I couldn’t select anything more than 40 seconds due to the limited credits I got for downloading the app for free. From here, you can also generate a script with AI.

Once your script is ready, you can change some video preferences. Again, the limited choice between landscape and portrait and Stock Footage or AI-generated videos is presented.

Lastly, you can select from six different voiceovers and toggle on and off subtitles.

To sum up, VideoRobot is extremely simple and easy to use. It might be ideal for making fast choices if you often spend too much time tweaking options and making changes. However, don’t expect polished results; use it as your project’s starting point.

Pros Cons
Free credits No editing options
Simple interface No premade templates
A choice between stock and AI-generated videos Not suitable for final projects, only for drafts
Fast video creation Only 6 different voiceovers

6. Synthesia

Synthesia doesn’t have a dedicated Android app but you can use it on your phone’s browser. I included it on this list as it offers unique and realistic video output.

YouTube player

The first video can be generated without making an account. All you have to do is choose an existing video template and enter the script.

You’ll get what I’m talking about when you create the first test video. The output is simply breathtaking!

A big downside is that Synthesia is much more expensive than other solutions on this list. The pricing structure is a subscription, not credits.

For a considerable price, you get a scene editor in which you can directly add and remove AI-generated videos.

Synthesia is great if you’re constantly making advanced corporate AI-generated videos. You can use your Android device to generate and test ideas quickly. The main work, however, would still happen on your PC.

Pros Cons
Free plan available Accessible through the browser
Create a test video without an account Limited editing options
AI voices in 120+ languages Editing options are more optimized for PC
140+ AI Avatars

7. Opus Clip

Here is another browser-based AI video generator for Android users. Although you don’t create new content with this one, it does a fantastic job when reusing existing long-form videos. I’ve shortened the video I’ve previously created with Virbo:

YouTube player


This tool aims to transform long-form videos into shorter and vertical videos. The reasoning is simple: promotion and reach on social media.

As you can see from the example, the captions are more than decent, and there are even emojis! Get started by providing the video link or uploading the video. The rest is handled by the tool.

The coolest part is that the tool is optimized for Android browsers, so you can safely do it on the go!

If you have long videos like podcasts or lectures that you want to promote, Opus might be an ideal solution.

Pros Cons
Generous free plan No Android app accessible through the browser
Intuitive interface It doesn’t generate videos but uses AI to create from existing ones
Quick and efficient

How I Test AI Video Generators?

I installed the latest version of every app from Google Play. After launching, I spent some time exploring the user interface to rate its usability.

Once familiar with the app, I prioritized generating an AI video. Since all apps have slightly different purposes, I decided to use the same input to judge fairly and equally. For the textual prompts, I used content from the MSPoweruser About page and, where needed, the same image from

I didn’t take into account how much time it takes for each app to generate the video. The processing time differs based on the prompt, video length, and subscription you have in the app.

Generally, I got the output after 2-5 minutes. All the apps worked in the background, and I got a notification once the processing was done.

Finally, each service allowed me to download the video on my Android device, which is convenient when doing things on the go.

How To Create an AI Video on Android?

In this section, I’ll show you how to generate an AI video on Android using Virbo.

  1. Launch Google Play and download Virbo if you don’t have it already installed.
  2. Open the app and navigate to the Creation tab.
    Virbo creation tab
  3. Click on the plus button in the top right corner.
    Virbo plus button
  4. Select Portrait or Landscape video and hit the Create Now button.
    Virbo select portrait or landscape
  5. Paste or type your script in the text area and hit the Confirm button.
    You can also add only keywords and hit the AI script button.
    Virbo add your script
  6. (Optional) Now is also the moment to change the template, background, AI avatar, or toggle Subtitles.
  7. Once the video is ready, hit the Export button to save it on your Android device.
    Virbo export the ai generated video android


I hope my experience helped you in determining the best AI video generator for Android devices. Wondershare’s Virbo and Filmora stand out from the rest of the list. One is a dedicated AI video generator, while the other has these features integrated into a complete editing Android app.

Other apps and solutions on this list can also provide high value if used properly. If you’re going after corporate-level creations, definitely check out Synthesia. You can also manage your social media more efficiently by creating many short videos with Opus Clip.

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