In the year 2008, when Windows Mobile was still a dominant force in the smartphone market, a passionate fan named Surur created a website called WMPoweruser. It was a place where he and other enthusiasts could share news, rumors, reviews and more about their beloved platform. However, as the years passed, Microsoft’s strategy around mobile devices shifted and changed, and so did WMPoweruser. It became MSPoweruser, a website that not only covered Microsoft’s mobile platform, but also its other businesses such as Azure, Surface, Xbox, Windows, Office and more. MSPoweruser soon attracted millions of users who were interested in Microsoft and its products. But MSPoweruser did not stop there. It also expanded its coverage to include Microsoft’s competitors such as Google and Apple, and also the latest trends and innovations in technology in general. Today, MSPoweruser is striving to become a one-stop destination for all things tech.