Thanks to a leak on Reddit, we might have the name of the next Battlefield game, which won’t just be plainly titled Battlefield apparently. 

Instead, the leak, that comes courtesy of Reddit and from a “random dude” who posted onto the Tom Henderson discord, states that the next game will be called Battlefield 2042.

The leak also contains additional information about the game ahead of the official June 9th reveal of the game, such as that the iconic Rush game mode is going to be making a return. 

Battlefield 2042 will also feature a new attachment system, where you can hold two attachments on your character which you can swap out onto your weapons on the fly. This would let you customise your weapons depending on the engagement, allowing you to be better prepared for each fight. 

The “SQUAD & Heroes Mechanic from Battlefront 2” is also set to be returning in Battlefield 2042, with it being called “Professionals” this time around instead. You’ll be able to have one of these professionals per class in your squad and they’re apparently “not over-powered” but they do have gadgets that’ll make them unique. 

The last major announcement from this leak is that the maps will be “the biggest in Battlefield history” with maps being divided up by sectors each with their own capturable points. Apparently, each one of these sectors will be the size of an entire Battlefield 3 medium map, so if there are a lot of sectors, these maps will be absolutely massive. 

We’ll know more on the official announcement for Battlefield 2042, if it is indeed called that, on June 9th at 7 AM PDT / 4 PM CEST or 3 PM BST.