Back 4 Blood is a “next-generation” zombie co-op game by the creators of Left 4 Dead


14, 2019

Left 4 Dead developers Turtle Rock Studios have announced a “next-generation” successor to their popular co-op shooter.

Designed from the ground up as an original, premium title, Back 4 Blood aims to reinvigorate the zombie co-op genre with “new features and state of the art technology”.

While Back 4 Blood sounds interesting as a core concept, the marketing of a “next-gen” video game already is even more intriguing. While many games are being announced, none claim to be releasing on next-gen hardware just yet.

It’s hard to overstate what an awesome opportunity this is. We get to return to a genre that was born in our studio with over ten years of additional experience and zombie ideas racked up in our brains,” said Chris Ashton, Co-founder and Design Director, Turtle Rock Studios. “We also have some of the best teammates in the business at WBIE who understand our development process and are equally committed to our player-first mentality. We love being able to announce, so we can start working with the community right away.”

Left 4 Dead was a fantastic experience when it launched last-generation and it’s still a great time playing on current-generation Xboxes thanks to backward compatibility. While Turtle Rock undoubtedly missed the bar with Evolve, they’ve hopefully learned from their past mistakes.

Back 4 Blood has been announced as an Xbox One, PS4 and PC title, but it does state that it is possible it will come to more platforms. I’m smelling a cross-generation video game, are you? No matter where it releases, Back 4 Blood should hopefully be a fun zombie murderfest. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a launch title for Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda!

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