In the wake of last year’s Fortnite event, where Thanos turned the world to dust in the name of Fortnite x Avengers: Infinity War, it looks like we’re due an Endgame-themed event this week.

The Endgame x Fortnite event is due to start on the 25th of April, and that’s pretty much all we know so far.

Of course, in the absence of actual facts, there’s always wild mass guessing. Both the official Fortnite Twitter and the Russo Brothers tweeted an image of Bright Bomber holding Captain America’s shield.

While this most likely means that new Marvel-themed cosmetics are on the way, it could also be hinting that there’s a chance that Captain America’s shield will come into play as a weapon or something even more interesting.

There’ll probably also be a new game mode, new Avengers-themed weapons, and you’ll probably get the chance to dress up as your favourite Avengers character and make them dab.

The event starts the same day that Endgame releases in cinemas in the UK. China, Australia, and parts of Asia and Europe get the film a little bit earlier, on April 24th, and the US don’t get it until the 26th. We’ll make sure not to include any spoilers in any future reports.

Fortnite x Avengers: Endgame starts on April 25th. We’ll keep you updated with any new and exciting information.

Source: Fortnite on Twitter and the Russo Brothers on Twitter.