Amazing augmented reality copy and paste app ClipDrop now available



We wrote in May of an amazing application in development which would let you literally copy and paste objects from reality into photoshop.

That concept has now turned into a real app which you can purchase.

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ClipDrop lets you extract objects, people, drawings and text from your smartphone camera or desktop screenshots and use the resulting neatly masked images in photoshop and other documents.

The concept is best explained in their demo video.

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The service uses powerful AI tools for object detection and background removal, allowing them to create a clear object from the photo captured by his phone, which then uses another algorithm to find where on the screen the user is pointing the camera by comparing a screenshot of the screen with the field of view of the phone camera to derive and X-Y coordinate to paste the image into photoshop, using a local server running on the laptop.

The app, which seems primarily targetted at artists and designers, but is still a reasonable $79.99 per year, and currently half price for only $39.99 per year, including unlimited cloud storage of your clips.

It works on Mac, Windows and iOS and Android smartphones.

Check out the magic at here.

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