Images of Arkane’s upcoming co-op vampire shooter Redfall has leaked online and it doesn’t look great.

First appearing on Reddit, before being taken down, the images have thankfully circulated all over social media for us to gawp at and things don’t look too good, but that’s not really a surprise. 

The assortment of images that are now spread across social media shows Redfall in an exceptionally early stage, with areas still in the grey-box phase for testing so Arkane can focus on refining the feel and mechanics of the game. 

Despite how obvious it is that the game is an incredibly early build, this hasn’t stopped people from saying that this is the end of Xbox, with PlayStation being obviously so much graphically better. Yes, things look rough, really rough, but Redfall is a long way from being done just yet. 

If you can stand to look past the graphics, the leaked images show off some of Redfall’s UI, weapons, and environments which give us Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood vibes. With only these leaked images to show so far, it’s very hard to properly discern the actual feel of the game, so the final build may be completely different. 

Notably within the leaked images, there is an “item shop” available within the menus, which means that Redfall could possibly have microtransactions. It’s equally possible however this is just an in-game storefront to purchase weapons or equipment. 

Redfall isn’t due to release until the summer of 2022, where it will launch as an Xbox family exclusive, launching on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.