Aria – the best Siri replacement for Windows Phone 8!


3, 2014

From Floppy Disk Apps comes a BRAND NEW release for Windows Phone 8 – Aria, a Siri replacement for Windows Phone 8

Aria adds to the default Windows Phone speech systems by integrating in additional features, such as weather and translation. It is different from the other apps in the Windows Phone store that offer speech features as it is integrated into the speech system and it uses a more natural format of interaction like Siri does; an example of this being that Aria has a range of human-like responses to weirder interactions like “Aria, I love you” and “Aria, I hate you”. You don’t have to call  it Aria, infact you can change it to ANYTHING you want. It is also different because it supports all English speech sets on Windows Phone (United States, United Kingdom and Indian) Below is an example of what you can say (of course there are many more commands you can use that are listed within the app)

  • Aria call Joe Bloggs
  • Aria translate into German
  • Aria what’s the weather for tomorrow
  • Aria what is the battery percentage
  • Aria look up an email address for Joe Bloggs
  • Aria call Joe Bloggs
  • Aria cheer me up
  • Aria email Joe Bloggs
  • and much much more

We’ve used Joe Bloggs as an example, but Aria has offline recognition for your whole list of contacts. The weather service also uses location based data to work out where you are and give you the most up-to date forecast for that area. Aria is being constantly updated on user feedback to not only add new features but to make existing ones more natural. It interacts with you and helps you with most data being copied to the clipboard for easy use in other applications like OneNote, etc. You can also dictate a text message or email with the help of Microsoft’s online speech recognition service.

So what are you waiting for? You can try Aria today for FREE and it’s only 99p, $0.99 and 55 rupees to upgrade to get all the features. Get it on the windows phone store by clicking here or scanning the QR code below! Over 5,000 people already have!

Already got Aria? Then don’t be afraid to give us feedback – or email [email protected]

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