Are we finally getting a new Surface Dock compatible with non-Surface devices?

April 4, 2023
rumored Surface Dock 3

A listing on eBay leaks the image of the upcoming Surface Dock 3, codenamed “Bergamo.” From the photos shared, it is undeniable that the new Surface Dock is getting a slimmer design compared to its predecessors, but that is not the only thing to notice: there is also a Thunderbolt 4 support and the Surface Connect cable is replaced with universal USB-C. For the latter, it could mean a significant change in Surface Docks as it could mean the start of support for non-Surface devices.

Microsoft’s Surface Dock started in 2013 and is designed to complement Surface Devices using the dock’s Surface Connect port. Unfortunately, this compatibility does not support for non-Surface host devices. Nonetheless, this is reportedly changing, according to Windows Central.

As mentioned, the old Surface Connect cable has been replaced with a universal USB-C in Surface Dock 3. If the report is true, this could mean a huge change in Microsoft’s dock products, allowing them to start complementing other non-Surface devices. Yet, it is important to note that the listing on eBay still claims the rumored Surface Dock 3 is only compatible with Surface PCs, including Surface Book 2, Surface Book, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Go, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 3. Sadly, there is no way to confirm these things, but Windows Central claimed Microsoft would ship the Surface Dock 3 in the coming weeks. 

Aside from the new USB-C connector and a slimmer profile, other notable features of the Surface Dock 3 includes front USB-A and USB-C ports and back ports comprised of two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, a headphone jack, an Ethernet port, and a DC power connector.

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