ArchelisFX Lets You Sit While Standing

February 4, 2022

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Archelis for Medical and Factory
ArchelisFX: Archelis for Medical and Factory

While standing is a natural human posture, doing it for hours and hours can lead to several health problems, including varicose veins, back pain, sore feet, and more. This is where the ArchelisFX can be of great help.

ArchelisFX is an exoskeleton assist suit created by a Japanese startup with the help of Jichi Medical Univesity, School of Medicine Professor & Director Hiroshi Kawahira. The name directly translates to “walkable chair” and allows you to work for hours. Basically, it lets you partially sit while keeping your legs in a slight standing position. This prevents putting too much stress on your legs and lower back and can significantly reduce the fatigue caused by the said standing.

ArchelisFX is made of iron and aluminum materials, making it light at 2 kilograms while giving it the stability and durability to handle your weight. And with its lightweight property, ArchelisFX lets the wearers use it without restricting their movements while working.

The suit is available in two colors: black for factory workers who need the stain-resistant look of its body and white for surgeons and nurses. Nonetheless, whatever variant you choose, ArchelisFX measures 6.88” x 11.00” x 30.90” and can change sizes to accommodate any body shape or size.

Wearing the exoskeleton assist suit only requires fastening three straps situated in different positions. With the straps, together with the exoskeleton structure itself, the weight of the wearer is dispersed via the shins and thigs, making the suit comfortable while giving you an instant sitting solution wherever you are.

ArchelisFX is also 100% mechanical, which means no electrics to go break or battery-charging moments that can be demanding and inconvenient. This fact also makes the suit a versatile piece of equipment that can benefit any individual, from commuters to professionals and more.

ArchelisFX is currently available for sale and is sold for around $5,000 per unit. Nonetheless, you can also try one by renting it through ArchelisFX’s official website.

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