Gaming chairs have peaked with the £3000 Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise

December 28, 2021
Hendrick's Gaming Chaise

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Gaming accessories have peaked, with a wonderfully eccentric £3000 “Gaming Chaise” made by the Scottish distillery Hendrick’s Gin.

Featuring a whopping “zero ergonomic features, unless you count the cocktail holder,” the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise is, according to Hendricks, “for those moments when one chooses to lean back and sip the nuances of life in all its glory.”

Unlike other gaming chairs with are accented with gaudy RGB the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise only features “subtle anti-racing stripes,” across its miles of plush upholstery that give you unbridled legroom. 

The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise isn’t just about looking good either, though for the price you should very much hope it does, as there is also a bevvy of helpful ‘gaming’ features. These features include a “fully analogue horn,” retractable arms, and covert compartments.  

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Explaining the gaming chaise, Hendrick’s said that “although we enjoy video games as much as any iconoclastic gin distilled in a tiny seaside village in rural Scotland, it seems to us that current trends in gaming furniture have resulted in chairs lacking in worldly sophistication.”

“We’ve chosen to remedy the situation with our very own gaming chaise, designed to accentuate the pleasures of a range of leisurely diversions, from card playing to chess, backgammon and other board games.”

While board games are definitely encouraged, Hendrick’s state that the chair is “anti-optimized for computer gaming,” due to its form factor, but there isn’t snowball’s chance in hell that we’d deny ourselves that gaming comfort.

Unfortunately, if you want to get your hands on this masterpiece of design the ballot to purchase the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise has closed. This means that your only chance of getting the pinnacle of gaming chairs is by scouring the second-hand market and hoping that for some baffling reason, someone would wish to part with the chair.

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