Microsoft is now hiding apps incompatible with the Surface Pro X

by Surur
November 8, 2019
Microsoft surface pro x

We recently reported on a number of classes of apps incompatible with the Surface Pro X. The big issue is of course that Microsoft does not make it clear that the selection of apps able to run on the device is limited, but users appear to have to discover for themselves which ones actually work or not.

Bizarrely this was also the case in the controlled garden of the Microsoft Store,  resulting in some embarrassing reviews with games which just did not work on the ARM-powered tablet, and which frankly made the Surface Pro X look bad.

Microsoft has now acted on this issue, reports the WC. After an update to the Microsoft Store to version 11911.1001.8.0, incompatible apps are now hidden, which should give users more confidence in browsing the store.

They do report than some incompatible games are however still visible, but this may be due to the ability to remotely install them on other devices.

Do our readers think this goes far enough to solve the issue of apps incompatible with the Surface Pro X to make Windows 1o on ARM viable? Let us know below.

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