Apple’s Wireless Charging solution still facing delays


21, 2018

Apples plan to bring out wireless charging with its AirPower Mat have stalled with the firm failing to push out the device at the time period given.

The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus both shipped with Wireless charging enabled, albeit with no first party support. Apple had recommended solutions from third-party manufacturers like Belkin while it worked on its own solution.

The AirPower device was designed to be able to charge more than one device as well, with space for up to three devices including iPhone, Apple Watches and AirPods simultaneously. The firm needed to equip the AirPower Mat multiple charging sensors, a challenging endeavour which has caused the delay.

The device would need not to overheat, as well as to manage power output to more than one device as well. While the target was to push it out for June, Apple hopes to push it out in September now.

To put this into context, Apple had reportedly planned on removing the iPhone’s lightning cable entirely, previously anticipating an all wireless future. Gurman writes:

During the development of the iPhone X, Apple weighed removing the wired charging system entirely. That wasn’t feasible at the time because wireless charging was still slower than traditional methods. Including a wireless charger with new iPhones would also significantly raise the price of the phones.

The firm has more faith in wireless charging than we do at this oint. While a wireless future is desirable, it is hard at this point, to imagine a time when wires become completely obsolete and are not necessary, not even for some light debugging or phone resetting. Either arrogance or confidence, we’ll see when and if a company finally manages to ship out an all wireless product.

Source: Bloomberg.

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