Apple’s new Music and Video apps leak

May 29, 2019

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Apple has long been rumoured to be splitting up its iTunes app into separate apps mirroring the way the firm handles those apps on iOS.

Now, we have visual confirmation that Apple will, in fact, be doing this and the odds are on the firm announcing this move at WWDC next week as per this image from 9to5Mac.

Apple apparently won’t be using its Marzipan technology for these apps, so they will be native Mac apps with all that entail. As per 9to5Mac, they’ll be based on iTunes code and feature a similar design language but with different coloured sidebars.

Both apps will sync content to your iPhones, iPods and iPad and will function very similar albeit with library differences. The Music app will integrate local music, streamed music and purchased music in one library view while the Video app will separate purchased content from local content (not unlike how Microsoft and Google handled their respective offerings.)

The main reason for these apps is that iTunes has steadily been growing bloated with the app become a haven to features that were myriad and unrelated to one another on the face of it. With this new change, perhaps Apple’s engineers can focus on making each individual app the best app it’s supposed to be.

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