Apple’s folding iPhone concept rendered (video)

by Surur
September 17, 2020

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We reported a few weeks ago that prolific leaker Jon Prosser confirmed Apple was working on a folding iPhone with two panes, just like the Surface Duo.

Now artist Hacker34 has created a render showing such a device in action.

YouTube player

Calling it an iPhone outside. iPad inside, his iPhone Fold concept features a 6.3’’ Super Retina Cover display on the outside, a 7.8’’ Super Retina XDR Fusion display with ProMotion 120Hz, a 180° gapless hinge (due to being two panes like the Surface Duo), all at only 4.5mm when opened, powered by the A14 Bionic process, with a new triple camera setup with LIDAR, and iOS 14.

Of course, where Hacker 34’s concept differs from the rumours is that he images a Galaxy Fold competitor whereas the reports suggest Apple’s device will be closer to a Galaxy Flip.

What do our readers think of the concept? Let us know below.

Thanks, Tom for the tip.

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