Apple News: Apple TV 4K gets multiview beta feature

April 15, 2023

This week, Apple finally rolled out the formerly leaked Apple TV multiview feature as a beta. The feature allows Apple beta software program users running tvOS beta version 16.5 to watch up to four games simultaneously via a grid view. Unfortunately, there’s still no clear indication of when the feature will be released to general users. 

Being able to watch multiple games at once is something that will probably delight avid sports fans. This will now be possible through Apple’s multiview experience, which was first spotted in March by developer Steve Moser in the iOS 16.5 beta 1 (via 9to5Mac) through code references.

It covers Apple’s sports TV offerings, including MLS Season Pass and MLB Friday Night Baseball. Apple first tested it on MLB Friday Night Baseball, followed by MLS Season Pass Matchday 8, which features five games between Charlotte vs. Colorado, Columbus vs. New England, Minnesota vs. Orlando, Toronto vs. Atlanta, and San Jose vs. Kansas City.

Beta users will be able to access the feature by selecting the “Add Game” button and making some necessary customizations they need during the experience. This includes the ability to give one game a larger view than the others, the choice to watch two or four games at once, and the control to determine what game will have the audio.

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