Apple is reportedly demanding that a book written by ex-employee Tom Sadowski, who ran Apple’s German App Store business until very recently, be pulped due to revealing Apple’s “business secrets” of “considerable value.

The book, App Store Confidential, was published on the 18th of February, and Apple claims its publication is against Apple’s employment agreement.

They have sent the publisher a cease and desist letter, demanding a recall of all copies and the destruction of the manuscript.

Startupvally notes Sadowski, who managed the German App Store until November 2019, offers practical advice and insights for companies seeking success in the App Store, saying the tips he offers “can be of decisive advantage for a promising development team.”

Others who have read the book say it is rather banal with no new insight, suggesting items such as “The app must enrich the lives of users. The app must convert users into paying customers.

Whatever the truth, Apple said in a statement that it has “long supported a free press and supports authors of all kinds” but Sadowski violated employee agreements that should be “applied equally and fairly to all employees.

Sadowski is however reportedly not planning to cooperate.

Grab the book while you can, including in Kindle format, at  Amazon here.

Via Macrumors