We’re not joking: Apple is reportedly working on creating a Gaming Mac for 2020. What a world we live in.

Originally reported by EDN, a website known for reporting on sometimes accurate Apple rumors, the quirky idea of a gaming Mac has only a slight basis in reality.

The EDN report states that Apple’s foray into the world of gaming will allegedly launch during 2020 for a considerable Apple-relevant fee. That fee? $5000!

As for its reveal, the report states that the product will be revealed during their annual WWDC conference. While it’s not yet known if Apple’s Mac for Gamers will be compact in MacBook form or whether it’ll be in a larger iMac form factor.

But does it make sense for Apple’s desktops to be designed exclusively for gaming? Not really. While gaming on MacOS has seen numerous growths in the past few years, it still doesn’t have fantastic support from any major developers. While Boot Camp can allow you to play Mac games through a Windows partition, it’s still not native support.

However, with Apple moving into more gaming areas with the like of their Xbox Game Pass competitor Apple Arcade, maybe be company has seen new light. After all, in the early days of PC gaming, Apple was a key player. From early Apple II PC games all the way to Bungie’s Marathon series, Apple’s gaming focus just went away for a while.