Touch screen MacBooks might finally become a reality as Apple is developing a new “Ultra-Thin Touch Sensor” technology


29, 2020

Apple often receives criticisms from its userbase for not including a touchscreen in the MacBook lineup. Instead, what the company did was that it introduced a touch bar in the MacBook Pro lineup as a response to touchscreen PCs. According to Apple Vice President Craig Federighi, “..lifting your arm up to poke a screen is a pretty fatiguing thing to do.”

But obviously things do change over time and the same might happen with the Cupertino-based tech giant as well. Apple’s way of looking at the idea of a touch screen laptop might change and its userbase might finally get what they have been craving for — a touchscreen MacBook. And that could become a reality soon as a new patent suggests that Apple is in the process of developing what it called “Ultra-Thin Touch Sensor.”

Apple applied for the patent titled Ultra-Thin Touch Sensor back in December 2019, and the U.S. Patent Office has approved it on June 25. You can see the patent here.

As you may have already guessed it from the name, the patented technology aims to provide ultra-thin Apple devices with support for touch input. While the patent didn’t explicitly mention any device category, the technology can be used to develop thinner iPhones, iPads, and of course, thinner MacBooks if Apple finally changes its views on touchscreen laptops.

Touch screen with ultra-thin stack-ups can provide for a lower profile device, can improve the optial image on the display to cover glass distance, and can reduce the wieght of the device. In some examples, the thikness of the touch screen stack-up can be reduced  and/or the border region reduced, by removing the flex circuit connection from the stack-up.

While thinner MacBooks with a touchscreen will make every Apple user happy, Apple may not materialize this patent, which is very common in the world of technology. If you’re a MacBook user, do you want Apple to include a touchscreen the MacBook lineup? Let us know in the comments below.


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