Apple leaker reveals information about the upcoming iPad Air, ARM based MacBook and more

by Anmol
April 20, 2020

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Apple is expected to hold an event later this year where the company will be launching new Apple products including the new iPad Air and an ARM-based MacBook. The company hasn’t revealed much about the new devices but a new leaked from an anonymous Twitter account with a fairly accurate track record has shed light on the new products under development at Apple.

According to the leak, Apple is working on an iPad Air with Touch ID but the company might finally adopt the under the screen Touch ID which is being implemented on almost all the smartphones. Apart from that, the company is also working on HomePod lite, AirPods 3lite, AirTags, and the iPhone 12 series lineup. All these leaks are persistent with other leaks we have seen in the past suggesting that the company could be planning to conduct a major hardware event later this year.

Another important hardware launch for the company could be the 14-inch MacBook with an ARM-based processor. Apple is currently relying on Intel to supply chips for MacBooks but if true, the company could potentially launch a cheaper MacBook with ARM-based processor.

The account also predicted a delay for the new iMac and the A14 chip from TSMC. Both of these delays could be traced back to the ongoing coronavirus crisis which has slowed down manufacturing in every part of the world.

Since the leaker accurately predicted almost every major Apple launch, it’s safe to assume these leaks are genuine. Unfortunately, we don’t have more information on the products at the moment but we expect to see more in the coming months.

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