Apple follows in Microsoft’s footsteps, tells staff to Work From Home

by Surur
March 6, 2020

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Yesterday Microsoft advised is Seattle employees to work from home, unless their attendance at the headquarters was absolutely essential for the survival of the company.

How Apple has followed suit and told their 12,000 Cupertino employees not to come in.

Like Microsoft, Apple cites recent guidance from public health officials regarding the Coronavirus as the reason for the decision.

‘As the COVID-19 response has developed, Apple’s dedicated team has focused intently on what’s best for the safety and well-being of our teams,’ said the memo, cited by the Daily Mail.

‘On Friday, March 6, we are taking the additional precaution of encouraging team members in our SCV offices to work from home if you can do so.

‘While offices will be open, this change is driven by recent guidance from public health officials that recommends minimizing dense gatherings and reducing proximity where possible.’

Apple’s retail stores will remain open, as indeed will the offices, and Apple said they will deliver more guidance over the weekend as the situation develops.

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