Apple is now offering 90-day trial for Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X

Apple is extending the trial option for Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X to help creators who are stuck at their homes which we battle this terrible health crisis. For the first time, Apple users will be able to take advantage of the 90-day trial for both Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.

Apple has offered Final Cut Pro trial in the past but that was only for 30 days and the company never offered a trial for Logic Pro X making it inaccessible to those who want to try the software out before shelling money. MacRumors notes that the Final Cut Pro X 90-day trial is now available on Apple’s website and the company is working on making the Logic Pro X trial available to the users.

The extended trial is available for a limited time so take advantage of it before Apple reverts back to the 30-day model.